In Memory of a Great Mentor

As a young boy, Pieter Fourie was taught the wonder of nature by his father, Peet Fourie. Year after year of hunting together with his father and brother, a passion was born. On one of these hunting trips he recalls his father showing him a track of a huge Kudu bull, while his father demonstrated the size of the track against his fist, his father exclaimed: “This is a big Kudu Bull!”. Pieter was fascinated by his father’s knowledge and vowed that he would also learn all he can about the bush. His father installed a deep respect for the animals to be hunted, that you must learn from and about the bush, and above all enjoy life to the fullest. As school ended and Pieter had to step into the world of men, he choose to become a Nature Conservationist and Professional Hunter.

His most memorable hunt was to realize his hero’s dream. His father’s conquest for the infamous Bushbuck. His father had dreamed of taking a trophy bushbuck for over 30 year. Never having the perfect shot, or not a mature male. So over the years it became his white whale.

On the faithful day, Pieter gave his father the perfect opportunity! A shot at a mature bushbuck ram. Together the men looked at the graceful buck, and he stared back. Through the scope and binoculars, seconds felt like hours, then finally Pieter gave the word – “Dad its a good one! Take him”

The shot was taken – perfect! The bushbuck went a couple of yards and went down! As father and son looked at each other they smiled through the tears – such an emotional time! What an honour for both son and father to live the long lost dream. To hunt together and make a memory that will never be forgotten!

The Bushbuck measured 16 inches – a Rowland Award!

2013 was a year of great loss, as Pieter’s father Peet Fourie was taken home to heaven. He is surely missed every single day.

Dad, thank you for all your patience, love and quiet guidance.